Veracity Learning Free (Lite) Version & New Features!

Veracity Learning Free (Lite) Version & New Features!

Earlier this year we released a basic LRS as a NodeJS Module Package (NPM). This announcement was well received by many NodeJS developers in the xAPI community. We have a new announcement and something we’re really excited to offer to the xAPI community: Veracity Learning Lite!

Veracity Learning Lite is an easy to use, powerful alternative to our cloud-hosted services. Best of all, it's FREE! It’s free to use for any purpose, including commercial applications. It’s a great way to get started with xAPI if you have xAPI content, but no LRS to actually store the data (and no budget for an enterprise LRS). Go Here to download Veracity Learning Lite.

Other Veracity Learning Feature Updates:

It’s Cross Platform
All versions of Veracity Learning are cross-platform on the most common operating systems (Windows, Linux and MacOS). Setup and installation instructions are identical for each platform.

It’s Easier to Install
We're working hard to make Veracity Learning the easiest LRS to install and use in the world. Our install process is simple as can be - unzip and run. Veracity Learning Lite is packaged as a single executable file - it has no dependencies other than the database. You will need to set up the MongoDB database separately. The enterprise version of Veracity Learning is also available to install as an executable. However, the executable is only available for Veracity customers. Contact us for more information about the enterprise version of Veracity Learning.

It’s Easier to Use
We’ve been working hard to make our LRS the easiest to use on the market. We’ve added tons of new features in our enterprise version to make building xAPI reports and analytics much easier, including the following:

  • Statement Viewer updates with robust object and property filters for the entire xAPI data model
  • Interactive widgets for building custom dashboards
  • Scalability enhancements like ReplicaSet support
  • Content hosting with Tincan Launch support

Have questions or interested in seeing any of these feature updates in action? Contact us to ask questions or even schedule a private demo!