New xAPI Statement Viewer & Activity Explorer Video Tutorial

New xAPI Statement Viewer & Activity Explorer Video Tutorial

Ever wanted to explore your xAPI Statements without having to export your data for analysis in a third-party business intelligence or data visualization tool?

Veracity Learning is the only LRS that offers robust data analysis and mining tools directly within the LRS user interface. Most LRSs only provide some very basic options for viewing, exporting or forwarding your data, and then expect you to make sense of it in some third-party tool outside of the LRS. Veracity Learning was built with designers and developers in mind and is focused on making it easy for our users to explore and work with their xAPI data directly from the LRS user interface. Not only can you anlayze xAPI Statement data directly from within the LRS, but we also provide tooling for examining metadata and other xAPI data Resources, such as Documents, State, Agents, Activities, Agent Profile, and Activity Profile. We also released an Activity Explorer tool in version 1.10 that provides a visual representation for you to easily browse nested activities.

Ever wanted to experiment, analyze or visualize xAPI data in an LRS without having to instrument your content first?

Veracity Learning also features a Statement Generator tool in the LRS that will populate your LRS database with sample statements. This provides a way for developers to tinker with some sample xAPI data in the LRS and easily experiment with our dashboarding platform.

Check out the new tutorial on the Statement Viewer and Activity Explorer below!

You can find beginner tutorials on using Veracity Learning LRS at after creating a free account. We also have extensive documentation and video tutorials available on our YouTube Channel.

As usual, please reach out to us any time if you have questions, comments, or require support.